Tracky - Time Tracker for Slack

Tracky support ended on 25 Feb 2018

"Really makes my life easier. Switching time and projects on different devices is hassle free. What used to be an administrative chore is now a breeze."

In the world of increasing complexity, simple means useful. With Tracky, you no longer need to distract yourself with a separate app or website to toggle timers; Tracky allows you to do it straight from Slack, which you probably use all the time anyway. You can even generate your weekly, monthly, whatever reports with a simple command in Slack and display them to other team members. Sounds like a time tracker you would actually use?


report and monitor your work time straight from Slack

generate and display your work time reports to other members of your Slack team all the data is synced with your iPhone in real time

the app is fully functional when offline, data resyncs seamlessly once connection is restored

you don’t need an admin in your Slack team to set up integration, just click on the "Add to Slack" button and voila, it's done!


"This app is only timer I could find simple enough for our exact needs."

"Great app to track our team's work! It's self explanatory, simple and easy to use."

"Really liking it so far. Thanks for creating it :)"

"This app is really cool and so simple to use. It does what it should, so easy! Really like it! Best time tracking app for me till now."

"Just installed Tracky and it looks like the perfect time tracker which does just what I need."

"Really like the add-on you built for Slack. Great job with Tracky."

"Super easy to use!"

This app is not created by, affiliated with, or supported by Slack Technologies, Inc. I just use their API's to make the magic work.


App collects minimum amount of user data needed for it to work properly.